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Official W1UL FREE Ham Cram Website

More difficult Extra exam starting July 1, 2016

This is the year for a change in the Extra class question pool.

The new question pool is more difficult than the current pool; the subject matter is much broader than the material in the current pool. Testing using the new pool starts on July 1, 2016.

If there is an Extra class license in your future I would strongly suggest you start studying and take the exam during May or June. 73 Urb W1UL

The Official W1UL Ham Cram Website

Ham Cram Quick Start

Welcome to the W1UL Free Ham License Preparation Website

What is a ham cram? Historically a ham cram is a high intensity study session used for test preparation, typically a full day class for the technician class license.

What is different about the W1UL ham cram methodology? Essentially, the W1UL method is a ham cram on steroids. The W1UL system has five identifying characteristics:

1. The W1UL Ham Cram study session displays the actual pool questions and only the correct answers thus forming an association between the question and the answer.

2. A user can optionally chose "Expert Mode" where a panel of experts has selected only those questions most likely to appear on the actual test are used when building a study session.

3. Technician, General and Extra class preparation are currently supported..

4. Since the entire study material is online you can study at your own pace.

5. Best of all, all the offered material is totally FREE.

This ham cram website gives you all the tools you need to pass the FCC tests with a minimum of effort and a higher level of confidence since a the percentage of candidates using the W1UL Ham Cram method pass the tests than those using any other test preparation program.

Additional ham cram information

Using the Ham Cram Site for License Test Preperation

The Technician, General an Extra class licenses all have ten subelements, which are pool question arranged by subject matter. An the actual VE administered test the Technician and General test has 35 questions while the Extra test has 50 Question. All question on the test are multiple choice with four different answers. The is no penalty for guessing. You need approximately 75% correct to pass. You can get up to nine questions wrong on the Technician and General test and pass. You can get up to 13 questions wrong on the Extra Test and pass.

There are two distinguishing feature on the W1UL Ham Cram website.

  1. We don't study incorrect answers
  2. We only study the questions most likely to be on the test

Each class of license has two modes, a study mode and a practice test mode. Start by selecting study mode for license class you want to pass. Next, select a subelement to start your study. Click on submit and only the questions followed by the correct answers are displayed. Look for an association between a key word or phrase in the question and a key word or phrase in the answer.

After you have studied a specific subelement a few times, take a practice test by clicking on the Practice Test link for the class of license you've been studying. If you receive a grade of 85% or better study another subelement. Keep repeating the Study/Practice Test process until you have completed all 10 subelements.

The Status of the Ham Cram Website

The Ham Cram website is a work in progress. Although there are a substantial number of features to come, what is working is working well. The use of the Ham Cram website is totally free

The only goal of the Ham Cram website is providing you with the best website to ensure your passage of a FCC ham radio license examination with a minimum amount of preparation which also gives you the highest level of confidence.

Users will shortly be required to register to use the website and log into the "Member Lounge" for training sessions. Membership identifies which class of license you are pursuing. Registration also allows us to provide you with meaningful information on you progress.

Please use the feedback form to give us your suggestions, criticisms and comments be they be good or bad.